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I'm playing this game called Agar.io. It is addictive. You are up against other players trying to eat their cell mass. Fun and addictive. Lots of strategies you can employ and fun to boot.

​It would be cool to have an all Muslim team and mop up :)

<![CDATA[We Condemn the Terrorism]]>Thu, 04 Feb 2016 19:15:15 GMThttp://muslimrobot.weebly.com/blog/every-muslims-is-a-terroristINCIDENT
You probably have seen the video of Hulk Hoganish man yelling at the our brother in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. It was like those pre match verbal attacks that wrestlers do to intimidate the opponent. The brother Samer Shalaby looked like "subhanAllah is this real?". Only in America people can be so wrong and strong.

If you want to see what happened in that town hall meeting check this video

A brother sent me an MP3 with of a desi brother doing some musical type poem. As I listened to this audio this video started to come together in my mind. Since I could not defend my brother Samer Shalaby in Virginia this is for you bro, from your brother in Canada. Hope this reframes this unpleasant memory in your mind bro.

And jazakAllah khair to the sister Manir Sally Abdallah who shot the video in Virgina.